Our Story

Where to start?  How did we get to the point where we are moving on a sailboat, heading south through the Intracoastal Waterway to the Bahamas, home(boat) schooling our children, and leaving the beaten path?

We’ll start at the beginning…

We met over 16 years ago racing sailboats.  We got married, bought a house and a boat and enjoyed the no-kids lifestyle for 5 years.  We cruised each summer for a couple weeks in New England, and we cruised each winter in the BVI’s for a couple weeks.  Sailing has always been a part of our lives.  Natalie (Tali) was born in 2009 and Savanna (Savy) was born 3 years later in 2012.  While we reduced our racing, we continued to cruise with our girls each year in the islands.

Professionally, Becky is a physical therapist and Chris is/was a Financial Service Executive – and that is where this next chapter begins…

Chris worked for the same Financial Services company right out of college – climbed the traditional ladder moving through roles with increasing responsibility.  Based on his prior success, his last role put him in the center of  large transformation for the company. While these roles can have significant upsides, they can also be quite risky. Chris’ official last day, after 22 years, was on August 25th. So naturally, the question we asked as a family was, “what’s next”?  After very little deliberation we all agreed that this could be an opportunity for a once in a lifetime experience with our family.

So this is an intermezzo, of sorts…a chance to reflect on the first half of our productive lives and see what the second half should look like.

…A good palette cleansing is in order to prepare for the next course.