Our Boat – s/v Intermezzo

We have spent the last 2 months aggressively looking for the perfect boat, and we’ve found her — a 2008 Beneteau 43 with two cabins and two heads.

Intermezzo replaces our Sabre 34, Patience (which is for sale if anyone is interested – s/v Patience)  For a family that has spent many weeks on a boat before, whether in New England, or the Caribbean — actually living aboard a boat for months is a new adventure.  You can overlook nearly any inconvenience for a week or two on vacation, but those inconveniences become big problems when it is your home.

This Beneteau combined all of the key attributes that we needed for living aboard a boat and traveling the Intracoastal Waterway and Bahamas.  They include enough space for some privacy, a well designed galley with plenty of freezer space, large cockpit – where we will spend the majority of our time, a sail plan that is easy to handle and a relatively shallow draft.  Everything is a compromise though – do we have as much storage as we’d like? No.  Would it be nice to carry more fresh water and diesel?  Yes.  But you start to exponentially grow both the price tag and size of the boat if you want to maintain the volume – aka square footage – that will give you the room you need to live for an extended period of time and the bluewater attributes that would be great to have.

Between now and our estimated departure the end of October – there is a long list of updates and maintenance items that need to be done.  We’ll put a link to those somewhere on this page for those interested in the details.