Experiences have disproportionate impacts…

We’ve been a bit delinquent with updates, but progress continues.

The plan was to add a map of our route and a little more detail – we don’t have it all figured out yet, but more clarity comes each day. That said, the wrath of Mother Nature over the past few weeks has really caused us to stop and think about how certain places and experiences have had disproportionate impacts on our lives.

Specifically, the devastation of the British Virgin Islands and St John from Hurricane Irma, has been affecting us. As many of you know, we spend 2 weeks each year visiting these islands and the people that live there — Cow Wreck Beach on Anegada, BVI is the location of our family picture on this website.

When you think about the actual impact of the storm, in numbers of people affected or insurance losses, it is very small; but somehow, because of the intensely positive experiences we have during short periods of time each year, this has had a disproportionate impact on us.

While these islands are not very close to where we are sailing this year, if the opportunity presents itself, we will look to take a break to head down and help where we can.

If a 2 week experience each year can create such an impression, we can only wonder what impression the next 9 months will leave.

Back to the updates next week…


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