Home again…

Intermezzo is safely on her mooring in Keyport Harbor, and the Gaver Family is safely back on Terra Firma. There are lots of mixed feelings from all of us. All you have to do is look to the kids to have all those feelings transparently displayed… The best example was how the kids couldn’t wait to sleep in their own rooms – this was a constant conversation during the last week… They have spent a few nights at home and are both sleeping together in Natalie’s bed : ). Can’t wait for the space, but not quite ready to give up being so close – it is so tough to describe.

Our last week was packed with fun and excitement. We left Intermezzo at Block Island and took a ferry to Newport to meet our friends, the Polings. We also got the chance to meet friends from our time in the Bahamas who were working their way up the coast for their summer in Portland, ME. Good food, mansion tours, and good times as we were mentally preparing for our “re-entry,” as it’s called.

Savy and Tali staged this photo… getting creative with a camera these days.

Mom and her girls enjoying the shade at Rough Point – Doris Duke’s summer home in Newport. Lots of weird photography restrictions inside the homes, but we had the chance to see Rough Point, and then took the servant’s tour at the Elms. I’m sure we have seen both extremes of American Lifestyle.

I know, we missed our obligatory beach shot, but crazy kids doing handstands still included on the lawn of the Springhouse Hotel on Block Island.

Penultimate sunset – Block Island, RI

We left Block Island and had our last stop in Port Jefferson, NY, where we saw friends of Becky’s parents, who have since evolved into our friends too. We rafted up next to them, broke out the wine and champagne and had some great laughs about our journey. Departure the next morning, brought the familiar trip going through the Long Island Sound, East River, Lower Hudson Bay, Raritan Bay, and then Keyport Harbor. We picked up the mooring, but just like any club, it didn’t take long for people to see that we were back… we had folks on the boat until the launch stopped at 11:00PM.

The final sunset on our journey – Port Jefferson, NY… The sunsets did not disappoint!

Girls enjoying the last few miles of our sail into Keyport Harbor.

“Re-entry” is definitely a process that takes time… while we wanted to let everyone know that we were back safe, an epilogue, of sorts, a few weeks from now, is definitely required to close out the blog. To be honest, at this point in time, the adjustment to land life, is far more difficult to adjusting to living aboard. It may be more about having a clearer purpose aboard, and recognizing that living a purpose-filled life ashore is a little more complicated; but having that awareness, alone, will surely set us on a different course.

We can’t thank you all enough for your support throughout this voyage. The simple fact that folks were following us and staying connected meant the world and gave us the strength to get through the tough spots. We can’t wait to see you all over the coming weeks and months.

Enjoy the summer and we’ll be sure to get a closing post with our plans.

9 thoughts on “Home again…

  1. Liby Hansen says:

    Gavers: You’re re-entry was done with grace and poise. Congrats on a life well traveled and lived. Honored to have shared part of your journey and look forward to sharing the next course! Abundanza!


  2. Ginny says:

    Welcome back! Hope your re-entry back on land is painless and filled with as much happiness and joy as the start of your journey. Can’t wait to read the final post.


  3. Camille Intelisano says:

    Welcome Home. Glad you’re back safely. Thank you for sharing your travels with us. Savy and Tali are GREAT. What an experience- I imagine an experience like this can change a persons perspective on so many things in life. God guide you on your re-entry…..
    Love, Cousin Camille


  4. Vinay Gangadharan says:

    Welcome back Gavers! Too bad you’re home. Was looking forward to reading more posts about your adventures! 🙂


  5. Alex Sokolovski says:

    Welcome back! Congrats on safely returning from this amazing adventure! You’ve provided Savannah and Natalie enough material for all their school assignments/write-ups/essays/applications at least until grad school 🙂


  6. plv1914@msn.com says:

    Talk about being behind, I’m so happy you are home (and I use that term loosely) safe and sound. As is with any choice to re enter or not, there are give and gets. Those will I’m sure come to you in the oddest moments and I would imagine only the four of you will ever know what they are. I loved every part of your journey, the challenges along the way, the stories of old and new friends, and the intimacy of truly relying on those closest to you for being your world. Love you Gavers – welcome back!


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